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Breathe in the spirit of the islands of Hawaii with this handmade 100% Sterling Silver Aromatherapy Cross completed with 100% natural stones or lament, your choice. Strung on Sterling Silver chain with Sterling Silver clasp.

The Haloha aromatherapy cross has a unique feature on the back where you can place your own favorite essential oils to breathe in beauty all day long.

The necklace is made of Sterling Silver and plated with rhodium. Rhodium, a member of the platinum family keeps the sterling pieces glowing and resists tarnish. A choice of colored enamel is showcased in the center of the cross (see options below).

Size: 1  1/4 inch length, 7/8 inch wide, 1/4 inch depth

Adjustable Chain Length: 16 - 22 inches

Color Choices:
Sparkly blue or purple

Multi Color Blend of Sparkly blue, purple and gold. 


100% Sterling Silver Aromatherapy Cross

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